Efficient Healthcare
Delivery & Improved Outcomes

We are providing health IT solutions and telehealth platforms for providers and patients. These solutions are highly efficient and customizable to individual needs



Bridging the gap between physicians and patients

The right digital health solutions are key to connect patients and providers. Increased communication translates into accessible care, decreased no-shows and wait times.

With TeleCure’s state-of-the-art SAAS solutions, like CallingDr and FindingDr, organizations increase meaningful engagement and staff productivity. This leads to patient retention, treatment adherence, and increased revenues.

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Technology Fueled

Sustainable progress and transformation

Increased acceptance of virtual care has pushed healthcare industry into an era of digital transformation. Our digital health software is based on innovative approaches that deal with emerging healthcare challenges and pushes for sustainable progress.

TeleCure telehealth technology enhances patient engagement, drives growth, and augments user experience through integrated functionalities. Our white-label solutions technologies, like telehealth platforms, are built for all practice sizes, are customizable, and supported on all platforms.

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Reduced overhead costs and improved ROIs

With TeleCure telehealth platforms, there is a visible change in cost overheads for practices. Our telehealth solutions mean a visible difference in your return on investment (ROIs).

Our platforms increase patient base, deliver quality care, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease the possibility of no-shows and long wait times. A telehealth practice also means improved star rating and reimbursements by reducing readmissions.

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Improved health outcomes for patients

TeleCure strives to develop health IT solutions that work and produce improved clinical results. Our telehealth platforms have shown patients to have a greater adherence to care plans, have more accessibility to their doctors, and improved productivity and revenue generation for practices.

Telehealth IT platforms provide better channels of communication for patients, on-demand care, and decreased chances of readmission or reinfections. All this produces better clinical outcomes for both patients and medical practices.

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Program Assistance
& Management

Implementation assistance for telehealth programs

Telehealth practices are the future of healthcare. TeleCure helps you incorporate telehealth technology seamlessly into your practice. We provide our services throughout the process of incorporation, implementation, optimization, and management strategies for your telehealth practice.

TeleCure provides marketing collateral for your patients along with customization of telehealth products according to your specific needs, integration with existing EMRs and even with your website to help grow your patient base.

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